Prodose Blue

Roundworm, milk tapeworm remedy

Roundworm & milk tapeworm remedy in cattle EFFICANCY

1. Roundworms PRODOSE BLUE for cattle controls the following: Immatures Adult Wireworm * * Brown Stomachworm * * Cattle Bankruptworm * * Hookworm * * Nodular worm * * Definition: * Control (90 % effective)

2. Tapeworms Milk tapeworm (Moniezia spp) Class 1 (100 % effective in 80 % of the treated animals)

3. Ovicidal Roundworm eggs present in the animal at the time of dosing are prevented from hatching.

Albendazole 7,5% m/v.

1ml/10kg bm. Drench only.

First dose for calves with roundworm and milk tapeworm control.

Lactating cows, Do not exceed recommended dose in 1st month of pregnancy.

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