Amipor Pour-On

The No.1 combination pour-on for comprehensive ectoparasite control - tick, lice and flies.

AMIPOR - Pour-on remedy for cattle, sheep, goats and game controls ticks, house flies, stable flies and face flies on cattle. Kills Biting and sucking lice on cattle. Controls daroo paralysis ticks on sheep. Kills red lice on sheep and goats. Control tics on game and is Oxpecker compatable.

Makes DOUBLE SURE with 2 actives plus a potentiator

  • Ready to use Pour on
  • Tested and Proven
  • Broad-spectrum tick and fly control
  • Good Knockdown effect
  • Kills on contact
  • Oxpecker friendly

Amitraz 1% m/v, cypermethrin 1%, piperonyl butoxide 5% m/v

10ml/100kg bm weekly for 3 weeks

Toxic to horses, mules and donkeys.

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