About Vetweb™

Vetweb™ is an online platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your very own online store to sell veterinary and pet products. The system was created by a veterinarian specifically for retail in the South African veterinary industry with extensive veterinary, IT, commerce and managerial experience and expertise having tailored the development of the system.

Vetweb™ has been developed as the central portal around which the existing supply chain has been replicated to maintain the roles played by each role player. The interaction of the various role players results in the vet products being available for online retail on multiple vets' individual and personalised websites.

Vetweb™ gives the veterinary practice on the corner the chance to compete with the major online retailers with a fully customizable online store.

How does Vetweb™ work?

Each role player has access to their own control panel where by the product information, including product details, images and prices are all updated in one place. The relevant changes are effected country wide through the Vetweb™ system in real time.

Manufacturers/Suppliers upload and update the product information and images as they have both a vested interest in making sure that their product is correctly and professionally displayed and they have the most up to date and relevant information of their own products.

Suppliers will request to link to their relevant manufacturer and once they have been approved they will have access to the products of their affiliated manufactures. This ensures that products are only made available through the correct channels. Without the manufacturers authorisation a supplier will not be able to make products available to their affiliated wholesalers. Suppliers are also able to set up campaigns which, with the vet's permission, will be available to online shoppers as well.

Once wholesalers have been through the same affiliation process as above, they will upload and update the recommended retail prices of the products they "stock". It is important to note that the vet will always have the option to override this price with their own price.

The vet's control panel controls certain display aspects on the vet's shop website, further enabling each vet to individualise the look of their own shop, enabling alterations different from how we provide it by default. The vet will also control which products are displayed on their shop and in which category. Prices can be adjusted if there are preferences that deviate from the recommended retail price. Vets are also able to run in house promotions on their own shop site as well as put up personalised shop notices in a simple user friendly manner.

The Vetweb™ system makes provision for delivery services to get involved with the delivery of veterinary products to clients.

How can this benefit me?

Vetweb™ is the online portal which links all of the above veterinary role players and replicates the existing supply chain, offering a unique extension to your current veterinary practice's retail offering.

Offer your clients the convenience of shopping online to avoid them shopping elsewhere. Letting them shop online through your own practice website ensures you will keep the relationship with the client and that they remain YOUR client, rather than being handed over to third party retailers. Expand your product offering without having to keep the stock.

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